Hypnotherapy for Fears & Phobias in Woodland Hills

Freeing Yourself from Unreasonable Beliefs

Although unpleasant, fear is an innate human self-preserving response. It signals to the body to fight or run due to a danger that may cause pain or threat. However, manifestations of the mind from previous situations can create irrational fears. Phobias may be triggered by something specific, like an item or action, as well as by social situations and connections.

Common types of phobias treated:

  • Medical fears like injections, MRI’s (feeling trapped) and hospitals
  • Animal entities including spiders and dogs
  • Natural environments like heights and darkness
  • Fear of action such as flying and leaving home
  • Social anxiety such as public speaking and dating

San Fernando Valley hypnotherapist, Janet Montgomery has over 20 years of experience treating fears and phobias. Reducing the emotional charge of irrational terror is possible through guided desensitization of the stimulus. Alter subconscious responses to unwanted phobias by calling Janet Montgomery Hypnotherapy at (818) 458-8564.

Why Work With Janet?

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