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Happy New Year

New Years is a time for many people to make resolutions and promises to improve themselves and their lives. From time to time I find very profound quotes, if put into practice could create amazingly positive life changes. Please read … Continue reading

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Severe Depression and You

This is an article by: Joseph M. Carver, PhD Clinical Psychologist Stop Being Tortured by Your Own Thoughts Serious depression can occur under many circumstances but most commonly is present in these two situations: Sudden Severe Loss In this … Continue reading

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Self Sabotage and the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind stores our memories, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors, based on years of habits and impressions. If our belief set points are low about money, relationships, health and self worth, that is what we subconsciously maintain as our familiar. … Continue reading

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You can be hypnotized

Some people say “I can’t be hypnotized”, or “I tried that at a party one time in college “, or I went to a stage show, and one of those hypnotists tried to put the whole audience in hypnosis, and … Continue reading

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Mindfulness Meditation Is Associated With Structural Changes in the Brain

According to a recent study, practicing mindfulness meditation appears to be associated with measurable changes in the brain regions involved in memory, learning, and emotion. Mindfulness meditation focuses attention on breathing to develop increased awareness of the present. Previous research … Continue reading

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